Italian-portuguese trio composed by the pianist Simone Quatrana – with recorded collaborations with Ken Vandermark or Peter Brotzmann – Andrea Grossi – active in the contemporary and improvised music of Italy with groups such as Blend 3, Blend Orchestra, ParmaFrontiere Orchestra, Roberto Bonati’s Chironomic Ensemble and Milan Music Collective – and Pedro Melo Alves.
Their first collaboration dates back to 2019, the year they met in Borgotaro on the occasion of the Premio Internazionale Giorgio Gaslini of which Pedro was the 2019 winner and Andrea the honorable mention.
Together they form a trio of contemporary improvised music, with compositional frames that feed focused real-time composition. You hear aesthetics reminiscent of the improvised and composed music of the 20th and 21st century. Your hear hot blooded energy which is not afraid of lyric melody, abstract contemplation, and structured formal matrixes.


Simone Quatrana piano
Andrea Grossi doublebass
Pedro Melo Alves drums

“For Beauty Is Nothing But The Beginning of Terror”
To be released in June 2023 on Clean Feed