Simone Quatrana, Simone Lobina, Francesco Chiapperini

Insight Trio - Paradigm Shift - Cover





Francesco Chiapperini: soprano & bass clarinet

Simone Lobina: electric guitar & FX

Simone Quatrana: piano & synth



“Insight” – literally “interior vision” – is a term that refers to intuition as an instantaneous and sudden enlightenment. This concept underlies the music of Paradigm Shift by InSight, the trio led by musician and composer Francesco Chiapperini.
In these compositions, the space usually given to the traditional rhythm section of drums and bass disappears, replaced by an unusual line-up of instruments. Clarinets, piano and electric guitar merge melody and rhythm, with continuous interplay and swap of roles.

Gloomy or epic melodic lines and persistent percussive sections give to the three musicians the freedom to distance themselves or to overlap with those elements, balancing between written and improvised parts.

The music of InSight serenely invites the listeners to search inside themselves for unexpected, far, misty landscapes 




Recorded at “Il Pollaio” Recording Studio, Biella, November 22th 2015

Mixed and Mastered at “Il Pollaio” Recording Studio, Biella, February 8th 2016

Artwork and Layout by Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Francesco Chiapperini and Aut Records in September 2016