A-Septic Simone Quatrana, Stefan Ferrian




A-SEPTiC is a creative duo project by two of the Italian most original young  improv-musicians: saxophonist Stefano Ferrian and pianist Simone Quatrana.
They both own a personal voice on their instruments, angular yet lyrically flavoured playing and a superb, soulful inspiration.
This album features instant compositions, a sort of framed glances solidly intertwined by sound narrative threads and pulsing densities.
The overall mood is hugely informed by history contradictions and their declination through social conflicts in the contemporary era.
Syria war-scenario is a paradigmatic magnifier on these contradictions.
They span from macro-political to individual categories, crossover-ing religions, ethnic, economical and social landscapes.
A huge emotional cargo that finds here a bright yet intimate interpretation.

“What’s been documented in this record is just how we felt discovering the abyss within ourselves”



Stefano Ferrian _tenor saxophone
Simone Quatrana _piano

Music instantly composed by Stefano Ferrian and Simone Quatrana
Recorded by Maurizio Berta at Sound & Music Village, Milano, Italy during several sessions on September / October 2017
Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at New Mastering studio, Milano, Italy
Cover Artwork by Elena Romenkova ( http://leromash.tumblr.com/ )
Graphics by Nicola Guazzaloca
Produced by Stefano Ferrian, Simone Quatrana and Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records